Seimone Augustus makes you love this Game


Seimone Augustus has to be considered as one of the most talented player in WNBA with a skill set that would make jealous a lot of NBA players at her position. For my first WNBA one on one interview, I decided to go meet her…

Seimone Augustus
Seimone Augustus

Entering her 9th season in the Game, Seimone is a unique talent who has been one of the most exciting player in WNBA so far. She handles the ball like Jae Crow, crossover like the best guards in NBA and jumps shoot like Melo. Despite playing at the Guard position, Seimone can post up, use fadeaways properly and give the business to any defender in any kind of way from the paint to behind the arc. She has mastered all kind of scoring skills from pull up jumper, floater, shooting to Power lay ups ascending to a Big Time player Status.

After 9 seasons in the Game, she still has impressive numbers, so it was about time spread the word overseas.  She’s averaging 18.7 points and 3.6 boards per game overall. Enjoy watching this singular character through this new episode of « Short Cut » from the French Insider…


Seimone Augustus amongst WNBA’s Finest’s from French Insider on Vimeo.

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