Roy Hibbert « We’re a really good team that have guys to take us there »


Roy Hibbert bounced back incredibly well after loosing Game 1 to the Wizards, he had his season high on Game 2. 

The Pacers’ Big Man and teammates did a really good job defensively the last 2 games pushing the Wizards to turnovers and a very low Field Goals percentage which allowed Indiana to come back in these series. Franck Vogel‘s team has now a 2-1 lead having the chance to knock out Washington tonight. If they go back with the « W », it should be quite impossible for Washington to make a come back. Prior to Game 4, The French Insider and Roy Hibbert took a break to talk about these playoffs, the stakes and assets that Pacers have…

Roy Hibbert « We’re trying to figure a way out to the Playoffs » from French Insider on Vimeo.

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