Randy Wittman « We did not play as well as we’re capable of »


After the loss of Game 2 against the Pacers, Randy Wittman, the Wizards’ Head Coach, shares his vision of what could be done better and how the Wizards must react. 


Randy Wittman
Randy Wittman

« John is going to be ready to go for Game 3. I’m not worried about him, he came early today. He’s not happy, obviously he is a competitor. I wish we were playing Thursday. I have great faith in him, we would not be in the position we’re in today if John wasn’t doing what he is capable of. (…) I think every game kind of changes in terms of intensity, physicality, what you can or can’t get away with, it’s different from the 82 games, trust me. (…) We did not play as well as we’re capable of, that’s bottom line. But again, we’re right there with an opportunity, with a couple of plays down the stretch to win the game so I want our guys to understand that. Number #1, we’ve got to go back to who we are, number #2 and if we do that like we’ve proven in every game this year, that we’re right there and capable of winning. That’s what you want in any playoffs game that you play. 


Brad and WallI want us desperate, we’re at our best when we’re playing desperate. And, I want us to continue. And when we do that, a lot of good things happen. I like to use the term desperate, let’s play desperate and let’s have an understanding where we’re at. We come home 1-1, and now we’ve got to make sure we focus only on Game 3. That’s all it goes down to. You can’t look any further than that. You can’t look at taking care of home, you can’t take care of home if you don’t take care of Game 3. That’s all I want to focus on right now, it’s that game. (…) You’ve got to remain focused on the « whys », that’s the main thing. Don’t focus on we’re happy we’re 1-1, we’re happy we won Chicago 4-1. Why did we win it 4-1? why are we 1-1 and we had that opportunity to be 2-0? Why? Focus on the whys. If we just continue to understand the whys of where we at, we’ll be ok. »

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