Paris New York : The Confrontation


Paris New York : The Confrontation

The Halle Carpentier, one of the most popular gyms in Paris, held a head to head streetball game between both Paris & New York last summer.

Some of the best streetball players from New York were chosen by NIKE to represent its brand in one of the biggest international streetball tournaments.

The Streetball Dream Team put together by NIKE has confirmed the popular belief by winning the Tournament of  Champion (TOC) in 2011. The TOC brings together the winners of the EBC Rucker, West 4, Pro City and Dyckman each year. Among these players are BJ McFarlan, who got his start in Pro A with Orleans and five other teammates, who were named “NYC Player of the Year.” Antwan Dobbie, who played guard for JSF Nanterre (a French Professional team), was also a member of this group.

After dominating Streetball on American soil, NIKE started an International road trip with a Parisian focus. In order to do this, Hammadoun Sidibe, founder of the International Streetball Championship, which is sponsored by Jordan chose the best players of Parisian Streetball to compete against the New York team. This team is lead by Amara Sy, who won the Battleground in 2004 in New York and Sacha Giffa, an MVP 2012 and 2010 of Quai 54

Watch the video for more details!

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