Lance Stephenson « The Pacers got me to the point where I’m at now »


The French Insider took advantage of these playoffs to make a new Connexion with Lance Stephenson, Shooting guard at the Pacers. During a Flashback, he shared his early experience in the League.

Pretty much seen as an X factor for the Pacers, we sometimes forget that Lance Stephenson has put huge figures in New-York High School Basketball for a while. Entering Coney Island HS after Sebastian Telfair, he won the State championship 4 years in a row, eventually he was named Mr Basketball New-York in 2009. Lance became the High School All-Time Scorer of New-York which allowed him to be a McDonald All-Ammerican too and get a scholarship at Cincinnati.

Through the few minutes we had to exchange, Lance went through his high School journey, his draft at the second round, and how he adapted to the league. Interesting flashback with one of the key players from the Pacers…

« Short Cut » Lance Stephenson (Eng) from French Insider on Vimeo.

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