KD Shows Love to Paris



Last summer, Nike hosted Kevin Durant’s first European tour: “New Season: Are you ready or not?” The tour officially kicked off in Paris, France, but also held events in Italy and Spain. While in Paris, KD took out time to show love to the French Capital by visiting the famous arena, Park of Princess, and even made time to take pictures wearing Paris’s soccer team jersey, the Paris Saint Gernain.

Coup de foudre de KD pour Paris
KD shows love to the French Capital

Kevin’s objective during the tour was to figure out who were the best European prospects and determine if they were ready to tackle the new season through a series of competitions developed by Nike. According to Kevin, « this country produces a lot of NBA players, so I am sure I will see a future NBA star out there somewhere! So I’m looking forward to seeing some. »

I had the opportunity to organize the participants’ tournament and host Kevin during the event in front of an enthusiastic crowd of basketball lovers, players, and other journalists. I took advantage of the opportunity to ask him a few questions that I share in this video below.

Pictures : Catherine Stenkeeste 

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