John Wall « The main focus is to go there, play our game »


John Wall was very disappointed after Game 2 for being unable to knock those shots he usually makes and get his team back home with a 2-0 lead. Now focus has changed…


John Wall not satisfied
John Wall not satisfied

« We felt like we let game 2 away but in the same time, you’ve got to give them credit for playing the way they did, coming out doing the first punch. We didn’t play the way we were supposed to, and still had a chance to win the game, so… You just look at the thing we did not do well. We did not move the ball as well as we did in Game 1. This is probably the worst game that we played as a team in the whole playoffs so far. The main focus is to go there, play our game, moving the ball and play defense for 48 minutes and put pressure on those guys.


The only situation that I would say was bad for us, and I put it on my shirt, is that last game was the worst experience we had playing. Rather than that, we played well. We played up to our capability, we could probably be shooting the ball better at times but other than that, Bradley has been big for 44′ making big shots down the stretch to close our games. (…) We’re a better team when we’re having more fast break. That’s a situation where, we did not have the pace into the game, like I said it’s one of the worst game we played in the Playoffs but you can’t take all the credit from you playing not well, you have to get those guys credit to make adjustments. » 

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