French prospect Kevin Franceschi signed with UMKC


When I first met that kid, he already had that resiliency that told me he could succeed and make his way to a Division 1 College one day. In France, at age of 15, he was seen as a selfish kid when he would score 20 points or plus which occurred almost every single game. It’s not part of French culture to be a scorer unless you have the chance to play for one of those very few coaches. But you know what, I felt he was not fit for French Basketball anyway and should make a move to the US. That’s what the kid did and after two years at Weatherford College (JUCO, TX), Kevin Franceschi just committed to a Division 1 program at UMKC, MO. Before, we launch his Diary next week; let’s talk about his signature in Kansas City. Kevin shares this one time experience.


French Insiderz: How did it go for you Kevin? 


Kevin Franceshi Jersey Weatherford CollegeKevin Franceschi: Man, it was great… a great feeling to know that I will be part of something special and that it is official! I didn’t hesitate when it came to decide where I would go.


French Insiderz: What were the stages of your signature?


KF: UMKC sent me the papers, I sent it to my mother to sign the first part of it then I signed it myself. NCAA rules are tricky and required signatures at a certain time.


French Insiderz: How did you feel? Were you impressed, excited, nervous?


KF: I was excited man, just looking back at where I am from. It is hard to make it to the next level. I come a LONG way and the fact that I got cut by almost every teams I tried out when I was younger brought tears to my eyes, « He is not good enough, too skinny, not athletic, no potential », I’ve heard it all. My grind has always been my best weapon against criticism.


It was a relief at the same time because the recruiting process was really stressful, the phone calls, the people that are trying to influence your decision in a positive or negative way, it was hard during the year until I verbally committed, it was a headache.


French Insiderz: What happened right after your signature?

Kevin Franceschi
Kevin Franceschi and School counselor


KF: After I signed I just went to chill with a close friend and enjoyed the rest of the day before going to war again the next day.


French Insiderz: Did you get the chance to have your former coach on your side for signature?


KF: Coach Holman, the coach that recruited me at the first place was here, he had tears of joy, he knows that I’ve been through a lot during those 2 years with the change of coaches and other things, a lot of things didn’t go the way I wanted it, but I’ve grown so much and learned so much, it was emotional.


French Insiderz: What’s next for you now?


KF: Now I am just finishing my classes and working out a lot, just making sure I am coming more than ready for next year, we are supposed to have the best roster UMKC had in a while, I am excited about it.

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